Healthy Dark Chocolate Pancakes

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Learn how to make these fluffy chocolate pancakes from scratch! They’re supremely rich & chocolaty, but they’re just 128 calories with no refined flour or sugar! Click here to PIN the recipe and save it for later! Best Easy Healthy Clean Eating Greek Yogurt Dark Chocolate Pancakes

  During high school, our 200+ member marching band almost always sat in the stands during the first half of each varsity football home game. Between plays and touchdowns, we performed a variety of pep songs until the last few minutes of the second quarter. Then, we walked in a single file line through the crowd and onto the north side of the stadium, where we waited on the track for the first half of the game to end and the cheerleaders to finish their routine.

After performing our field show, our band director dismissed us for the rest of the night. We usually ran back to the band room to change out of our uniforms and rush off to the movies (or back home to get warm!), but a few friends and I decided to do something different when we walked to the parking lot after the first football game of our senior year.

We drove to IHOP instead.  

Easy Healthy Fluffy Cocoa Powder Greek Yogurt Dark Chocolate Pancakes

  Since we rarely left the school campus before 9 pm and IHOP was one of the few restaurants that stayed open late, we ended up seated at a booth with menus propped open in front of us. After scanning through the options, one of my friends mentioned, “You know what actually sounds really good right now? Chocolate chip pancakes.”

We laughed and agreed with him, so when the waitress stopped by to scribble down our order, she ended up bringing back four plates stacked high with chocolate chip pancakes. As we dug into the hot steaming “brinner” (breakfast-for-dinner!), the chocolate chips melty and gooey and oh so satisfying, we immediately decided that CCPKs (Chocolate Chip PancaKes) at IHOP after football games needed to become a tradition.  

Healthy Gluten Free Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pancakes

  And it did! After almost all of the home varsity games that year, we ended up at IHOP once we finished the field show. We ordered chocolate chip pancakes every time, although depending on who was in charge in the kitchen, they actually varied…

Most of the time, we received plain buttermilk pancakes with chocolate chips mixed in, but every once in a while, the kitchen sent out chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips. Those were my favorite! Up until then, I had never eaten pancakes with a different flavored batter. Sure, I had tasted pancakes with things mixed in, like chocolate chips or blueberries or nuts, or pancakes with a variety of toppings, like bananas or peanut butter or sprinkles… But never chocolate-flavored pancake batter.

As a huge chocoholic, I immediately fell in love!  

Healthy Low Fat Low Calorie Cocoa Powder Dark Chocolate Pancakes

  And I think about those fun nights with my high school band friends every time I make these Healthy Dark Chocolate Pancakes! My homemade pancakes are much more rich and chocolaty than the IHOP ones, although they’re just as fluffy, and they also contain no refined flour or sugar. Plus they have just 128 calories in each serving!

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