Healthy Fudgy Dark Chocolate Nut Brownies

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Learn how to make these supremely rich & fudgy brownies from scratch! They’re really easy to make—no mixer required! Only 71 calories with no refined flour or sugar, too! Click here to PIN the recipe and save it for later! Easy Healthy Clean Eating Fudgy Dark Chocolate Nut Brownies

  While recently in New England, we stopped for a late lunch at a cute café in Vermont in the early afternoon. As we walked inside and towards the back of the restaurant to the large table set up for our group of twelve people, I felt like I was walking through a cozy log cabin… Wooden floors, walls, tables, and chairs filled the entire space!

The kitchen sent out a gigantic amount of food for our lunch, starting with bowls of mixed greens and pasta salads, followed by platters of sandwiches with chicken, turkey, and caprese fillings, and even a pitcher of hot apple cider and bags of crunchy potato chips. They definitely took good care of us!  

Healthy Low Calorie Greek Yogurt Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownies with Nuts

  After our meal as we wandered back towards the front of the store, nearly every single person in our group stopped to look at the glass display case of sweet treats right next to the register. Although fairly full from lunch, we almost unanimously decided that we still had room for dessert… Those cookies, cupcakes, bars, and even oh-so-fancy chocolate mousse cups looked really tempting!

Yet as a chocoholic, I opted for the huge, oversized brownies sitting in the lower corner of the display case. Supremely rich, supremely fudgy, supremely chocolaty… And with a supremely decadent chocolate frosting on top. Simple, classic, and worth every single bite!

But partway through thoroughly enjoying that brownie, I remembered something…  

Easy Healthy Fudgy Dark Chocolate Nut Brownies with Weight Watchers Points

  Many of my blog readers (maybe even you!) have been begging me for a healthy brownie recipe with nuts! So once I returned home from my trip, I immediately got to work in my kitchen and perfected this Healthy Fudgy Dark Chocolate Nut Brownies recipe for you!

They’re just as rich and decadent as the brownie from my trip, yet these contain no refined flour or sugar… And they’re just 71 calories, too!

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